Wednesday, October 11, 2006

How cute is he?


We wish everyone a great Halloween. And, we hope all the kids have as much fun as Ben did when he was little. This snapshot is just a brief shot of his creative, spunky childhood.

Birthday Boys

Ben's B-Day and Vogelefest 2006

Since Mike Vogele and Ben share almost the same birthday, I decided to post pictures from their birthdays together.

Vogelefest was at Mike and Maria's house in July 2006. See pictures of Ben and Mike exchanging gifts at Vogelefest.

And for Ben's birthday we went to Charles Town Race Track in WV. See Pictures of Ben acting like a jockey at out hotel, The Turf Motel.

New House

Lake Monticello

Here is our new house. We moved into the house on August 1. We are just now getting settled and welcome visitors.

Carter's Mountain

An Apple A Day

We made it to the apple orchard at Carter's Mountain with Carlos and Linsdey. It was a beautiful day and we bought a huge pumpkin as well as too many apples.